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It’s Good to Be the King: Gyro King

Food trucks are awesome. There is incredible variety and local owners with their own recipes. Food trucks really are something special. Except for one key problem, they move around. Sometimes finding them from one day to the next can be a problem. With that in mind, we found Gyro King in St Cloud. It’s NOT a food truck, but has that amazing food truck vibe. During our visit there was a really solid stream of local traffic and the people ordering wanted to chat with each other. It was fun.

Some things you should know. This place is pretty unassuming. There are about 5 booths, a drive up window and a pile of great food for the money! It’s not fancy. You can eat in, take out, or drive through. Also, they’ve also only been open for a few weeks at the time of this writing.

Most of the locals were taking their food to go. But eating in works as well. We don’t think there’s a wrong way to go here.

Pictured is the Lamb Gryo, #8 on the menu if you keep track of that sort of thing. The process was easy. You choose your meat. It’s added to a Pita and then you choose your vegetables and sauce. It’s feels like the same process you’d have a sub place, but with more veggie choices. Pick it up to eat, or use a fork. Again, there’s no wrong way to approach this.

There are several choices of sauce including some Americanized versions if you’re not into the traditional flavors. It was good, hot and affordable! In fact, of all the places we’ve traveled lately, this is one of the bigger surprises. It cost less than a combo meal at a burger or sub place, even with the tip added in. So if you’re looking for something different tonight that you can find in the same place every day, remember… it’s good to be the King: Gyro King.

Where: Gyro King at 16 2nd Ave N, Waite Park, MN 56387

Online: Facebook

Phone: 320 217-2245