Local Pizza: Unhinged! Pizza in Glencoe

So pizza is everywhere! It seems like every community, no matter how small, has a pizza place. Some of that pizza may be in a gas station, but the stuff is easier to find that almost any other meal. What is getting less common is “Local Pizza.” Pizza that isn’t all that corporate. With this in mind we found Unhinged! Pizza in Glencoe.

Now, technically there are three locations of Unhinged! Pizza, but only the Glencoe location falls within the 320. This place has a giant pizza buffet that includes salad bar, chicken, pizza and desert. Judging from the parking lot, it’s a hit! It was hard to find a place to park, but don’t let that fool you. There is a lot of seating available so even if the parking lot is full, you’ll still likely be seated immediately.

Full disclosure, this format of pizza buffet will feel pretty familiar. They aren’t re-inventing the wheel here. But they are offering great food in an all you can eat format and doing a solid job of it.

Sometimes in a buffet format, restaurants fall behind, but Unhinged! Pizza was Johnny on the spot filling up the buffet as it emptied out. In addition, there was also an option to ask for something particular to be added to the buffet as you’re checking in.

This buffet offered more than pizza though. You’ll find a complete salad bar, chicken, choice of potatoes, some vegetables and even ice cream and desert pizza to finish out the meal.

If you’re after a solid pizza made local, Unhinged! Pizza is a good call.

Where: Unhinged! Pizza at 2408 9th St E, Glencoe, MN 55336

Online: www.unhingedpizza.com

Phone: 320 864-4010