Ramen Noodles Version 2.0

When you say the word Ramen most of us cringe and consider the 4 for a $1 dorm food we ate in college. This is not that. HOST Ramon is a combination of slow cooked broth, fresh vegetables, free roaming Kadejan Chicken and hand made noodles made from flour that was grown and milled right here in the 320. The result is outstanding!

Host Ramen Logo

The Menu is simple. There are only three options available: Chicken and Egg Ramen, Vegan Ramen, or Combo. Combo is the bowl of Ramen that’s pictured. Think chicken and a slow poached egg with lots of vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, turnip greens and crispy onions. The flavors mix and marry in a way that is difficult to describe. So I’ll go back to the original statement. This is NOT the Ramen you ate in college.

If you’d like, it pairs well with a Copper Trail Hard Pressed Apple Cider Beer.

HOST Ramen is only available from 1-6pm on Sunday afternoons at Copper Trail Brewing Company in Alexandria. While those are pretty dependable hours, it could vary from month to month. You may want to check their Facebook page for timing and details. We will also have upcoming ramen Sunday’s on the 320 Calendar Page HERE.

HOST Ramen stands for House of Sustainable Traditions. Everything in your bowl is from here, and made fresh from sustainable sources. It’s worth a taste.

Oh, one last thing! We usually don’t talk about pricing on things because nowadays prices change all the time. In this case, we’ll make a slight exception. At the time of this writing, a bowl of HOST Ramen is available for a freewill donation. You choose what it’s worth. We hope you choose to be generous, so Ryan keeps serving on Sundays.

Where: HOST Ramen Inside Copper Trail Brewing Co. at 205 Broadway St, Alexandria, MN 56308

Online: Facebook at

Phone: Copper Trail Brewing 320 219-6688