The Perfect Package Made Easy

Spoiler Alert: If your family loves to give books at Christmas, and you already see a perfect package under your tree, we are about to tell you what’s inside! Ok, now that you’re aware onward.

Perfect Package - three types

We’ve all seen gift boxes. They come from some far off place and who knows what’s inside. Well the folks at Cherry Street Books in Alexandria decided to do the gift box, one better. Apparently, it was the owner’s granddaughter who came up with the idea, and it’s a fun one. These boxes are packed, wrapped and ready to go! The only thing left to do is play Santa an drop it under the tree.

There are three gift boxes currently available: One for adults, One for middle school age, One for smaller kids. Each box contains two books, something to munch on or drink, a craft or fun activity and a surprise extra item. For those of you who hate the suspense, there are open boxes at the store so you can see what the gift will be before you give it. Be aware that these boxes are designed more for women and girls currently. However, we suspect that if you ask for a male version, they will probably have plenty of ideas.

Once you decide, simply grab a Navy Blue perfect package for the adult gift, Tan for the middle grades, and Light Blue for the little kids gift. It’s grab and go. You don’t even have to wrap it!

Where: Cherry Street Books at 503 Broadway St, Alexandria, MN 56308


Phone: 320 763-9400