22 Northman Brewing: Warchata Sweet Stout

There are times that you just want a beer that sticks with you. A beer that has heft, flavor and personality. We found Warchata Sweet Stout at 22 Northman Brewing just north of Alexandria. 22 Northman Brewing is part of Bold North Cellars which also include Carlos Creek Winery, an event center and a pizzeria called Stoke.

According to their own menu, Warchata Sweet Stout is a better winter beer. We disagree. This is just a good solid stout that’s long on cinnamon with awesome overtones of vanilla. That’s a taste that just doesn’t go out of season. It presents initially as somewhat sweet. That made us think this might be great as a desert beer. Then we choose to pair it with pizza from Stoke and that brought out even more flavor. Short story: it’s just a good beer on it’s own or paired with a favorite food.

Warchata from 22 Northman Brewing

At 8% ABV, find the ever important designated driver if you’re going to have more than one. Overall, when it’s in season, Warchata is definitely worth a try.

If you like the beer and find that it’s out of season, make sure you check the cooler located inside the brewery to the right of the counter. At the time of this writing, there was a supply of Warchata Sweet Stout for your own fridge that might keep you supplied during the off season.

ABV: 8%

Where: 22 Northman Brewing at 6693 County Rd 34 NW building b, Alexandria, MN 56308


Phone: 320 846-5443