Mooo-ve Up To The Rodeo Cow

About a half a block off main street in Hutchinson, you’ll find this fun bar/restaurant called the Muddy Cow, home of the Rodeo Cow. Its one of their burgers. It seems like burgers have been pretty hit at miss in the past couple of years. The proof is in the taste. The Muddy Cow sources their hamburger from within 300 miles of the restaurant and the beef is never frozen. Yes, you can taste the difference. Aside from just the quality of the burger, the combination of favors was a great surprise. First thought was: bacon cheeseburger, but no, it had something more. BBQ. Yes, but not just BBQ, it had a zip and tang that took a moment and a quick question of the waitress. It was the homemade Blackberry BBQ Sauce. It changed everything. Oh, but wait, we’re not finished, just for fun they added an onion ring to the burger to round out the flavor. The Rodeo Cow. It’ll take you more than 8 seconds to enjoy this one.

It’s served with choice of side: french fries (pictured) or Rachel’s Maui onion kettle chips.

If vegetarian is your thing, you can substitute an impossible burger for beef for a couple bucks up charge.

Where: The Muddy Cow, 35 3rd Ave SE, Hutchinson, MN 55350


Phone: 320-455-8034