The Whiskey Tower

Sometimes you run into an item and think, “Well that’s just amazing! Do I need it? Who cares, it’s amazing.” If you own a tavern or home bar, the Whiskey Tower is one of those products that will really make you stop and look. We found them in Willmar at Shoppe 14. These are one-of-a-kind, hand made taps created by an artisan. You’re just not going to find them in many places.

The concept is pretty easy. Place your favorite bottle of whiskey, bourbon, wine or spirits upside down in the hole on top of the tower. The tap pours what you need on demand.

While the concept is simple, it is the creation of the artist that makes this work. The Whiskey Towers are made of Stone, Bone, Wood Metal, Leather, and other materials that are meant for display as well as function. They come in Singles, Double, and Triple Taps. And Four Taps on a deck that rotates like a lazy Susan. They are attractive, and a great conversation piece for almost any cocktail lounge or at home watering hole.

Because these are one of a kind designs, you never know how long each piece will last in the store. This art is like aged whiskey. If you like it, buy it because it may not last.

Where: Shoppe 14, inside Uptown Willmar at 1605 1st St S, Willmar, MN 56201

Online: Facebook

Phone: (320) 262-3414