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Portable Pie

What’s better than Pie? Portable Pie! Pie that isn’t sliced, but instead has all the taste on the go. In the 320 we found a couple of places offering something that tastes like pie and smells like pie, but is so portable that it doesn’t act like pie. Now the difficult part is finding the favor you want. We suspect you’ll enjoy figuring that out on your own.

Fried Pie from Dutch Maid Bakery – Sauk Rapids

Just off the main road, next to the Speedway gas station there’s an unassuming little bakery called Dutch Maid Bakery. It’s been there for decades. Inside you’ll find all kinds of breads, rolls, donuts and treats, but there is one that just outshines the others. They call them Fried Pies. This is a pie crust, filled with pie filling, then fried like a donut and covered in glaze. It tastes like an extraordinary piece of pie, except it’s the size of a danish or donut. These mini fried pies come in a variety of flavors. On the day we arrived they were nearly sold out and it turns out there’s a good reason. They are amazing.

Where: Dutch Made Bakery at 512 N Benton Dr, Sauk Rapids, MN 56379


Phone: 320 251-6782

Pie Bites from Roers Family Bakery – Alexandria

Mention the name Roers Bakery in Alexandria and people typically have a singular reaction: their eyes to roll up into their head and an almost inaudible “ooooohhhh” comes out of their mouth as they imagine stopping in for a treat. It’s that good. At Roers, you’ll find the expected. Trays of donuts, cookies and rolls. You’ll find breads of almost every kind. BUT for the purpose of this article and for your own enjoyment, it is the Pie Bites that you need to try.

Pie Bites are shaped more like a tiny traditional pie and include pie crust with a variety of different fillings. The tiny pie is then fried, glazed and ready to eat. They are about the size of your palm and very portable. These pies are colorful, tasty and appealing in every way and since there are a variety of flavors, you may want to consider (at least) one of each.

Where: Roers Family Bakery at 430 Broadway St, Alexandria, MN 56308

Online: Facebook

Phone: 320 763-4741