The Acai Smoothie Bowl

This was one of those meals that we just had to try in order to get our head around it. Its a smoothy, served in a bowl, then topped with fruit and nuts. First thought: Why put a drink in a bowl? But it wasn’t a drink. You eat it with a spoon.

Let’s start at the beginning. On the menu of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) in Spicer, you’ll find your choice of four Smoothie Bowls: Mango, Acai, Blue Majik and Sweet Greens. Pictured is the Acai Bowl which includes acai, blueberries, green apples, bananas, and coconut water. Then you get to choose your toppings. We decided to make it just like the menu described with Strawberries, blueberries, granola, bananas and pumpkin seeds. It was shockingly good and surprisingly filling. It made us want to try the rest of them.

What is Acai?

The acai (pronounced: ah-sigh-EE) berry looks like a grape and it’s harvested from acai palm trees in South America. Acai is one of those super food that does have lots of fiber and antioxidants, and claims to help anything from arthritis to erectile dysfunction. Some believe it can help with weight loss and detoxification as well. We just know that it tastes really good.

The picture makes this acai bowl look small. It’s not. We should have put a spoon in the bowl to give you a sense of size. It really was a substantial amount of food, and after we ate the toppings and some of the acai our initial thought was “we’re not going to finish all of this.” That’s when the folks at WYSIWYG offered us a pretty solid pro tip. You can put the remainder in a cup, grab one of their oversize straws, and take the rest of your meal to go.

If all this sounds like a fun and very different meal that worth a try, well apparently what you see IS what you get at WYSIWYG.

Where: WYSIWIG at 130 Lake Ave N, Spicer, MN 56288


Phone: 320 409-1140