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Take Flight: Goat Ridge Brewing Co

Ever been standing in line to get a beer and thought wow, I wish I could try ’em all! Welcome to Take Flight. A quick look at Flights of Beer from different brewing companies in the 320.

For those of you who aren’t beer geeks, here’s a overview of a Beer Flight. Most Breweries have a dozen or so beers on the menu. And the first time you visit, it can be a bit daunting to pick one that is your new favorite without running up a bar tab and needing a ride home. So some super smart bartender-type solved the problem by inventing Flights of Beer. Typically this is 4 to 8 beer samples. These are normally served on some version of a board or “Paddle.” Sometimes breweries will dictate some of the beer on a flight, but at most establishments you can choose from anything on the menu and sample what you want. You’ll receive several sample size beers that are typically 3-5 ounces. Try them all and then order another flight to try several more, OR you can settle in on a favorite. It’s the ultimate local brewing sampler.

A few pro tips

There’s no wrong way to drink your samples. Test them out, drink them slowly or gulp them down. That said, typically when you drink a flight, arrange them in order from lightest to darkest in color. Drink the lightest beer first. This insures that you’ve got a clean palate for the next beer (which will be darker and heavier in taste.) Finish up with the darkest beer on the board.

If the Brewery has food or a food truck, order something. Beer pairs differently with food and gives you a better feel for which beer would be great to bring home in a growler.

If you find a beer you really can’t stand, don’t finish it. There’s no sense in leaving a bad taste in your mouth for a brewery you’re just getting to know. The brewers are not going to be offended and we aren’t visiting our Aunt Donna who thinks that you have to finish everything on your plate before you can have more.

Have fun. Experiment. Enjoy. Remember a beer flight is supposed to be a happy occasion.

Goat Ridge Brewing Co – New London

We visited Goat Ridge Brewing Company in New London and tried four of our new favorite drinks. Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by the large friendly letters “BEER FROM HERE.” Because we’d never been at this brewery previously, we simply told the barkeep we’d like a flight and would really like to hear her recommendations. Without delay she rattled off the four “we just have to try.” And so we did. Oh, full disclosure, for the sake of variety we opted for one cider ale instead of a fourth traditional beer. Beer Flighting is awesome like that! Lots of variety.

Brother Buzz

Brother Buzz is a Double IPA. Some IPA’s are really heavy. Some barely taste like an IPA. This one is just right. Enough of a bite that you know it’s an IPA, but not so much that you loose the flavor of the beer.

IBU: 91

ABV: 8.1


Beelzabubba is easily the most drinkable of the beers we sampled. It’s a Belgian Strong Golden that had great flavor and a serious kick at 9.1 ABV.

IBU: 22

ABV: 9.1


Hang on because Oskoreia is one of those beers that makes you want another. This Barrel Aged Imperial Stout has great flavor. Not overpowering. We expected more of a bite, but that didn’t happen and our guess is that the barrel aging took the edge off.

IBU: 55

ABV: 10.8

Bad Apples

Sometimes you want something a little different, so it’s fun to veer off with a Cider Ale. Bad Apples was anything but bad. A very solid favor worth including should you decide to try a flight of your own.

Cider Ale

ABV: 4.9


Goat Ridge Brewing Co has a pizza kitchen on location. While we didn’t have the opportunity to try, it’s good to know there’s food available.

The Brewery sits on the edge of the river and while we visited in the winter, it didn’t take a genius to know that this would be an incredible spot during the summer as they have a lawn and patio area built out.

One last thing, Josh, Betsy and the crew want you have fun so Goat Ridge Brewing Co has great events, anything from live music to sing alongs. You’ll find some of them on the Fun List at 320FUN.com

Where: Goat Ridge Brewing Co at 17 Central Ave W, New London, MN 56273

Phone: 320 354-2383

Online: goatridgebrewing.com