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Time to Play on the Ice

3 events to take in this winter

People are really creative. When you leave them to figure out how to have fun in the winter, the fun they come up with is amazing. We found 3 winter events to play on the ice that will be fun for the family. We’re presenting them to you in Chronological order; the earliest first.

Sauk Centre SnoFest Racing Festival

  • SnowFest Ice Oval Racing

When: January 22nd, 2022 8am to 6pm

So what happens when you put several hundred snowmobiles on an ice track in the middle of winter? They race, of course. Ice Oval racing happens all over the upper Midwest including this event in Sauk Centre. This year there will be racers from multiple states and Canada. Hot laps begin at 8am and the racing begins at 11am.

If you go, just head to the Sauk Lake boat ramp at Sinclair Lewis Park. Take the main exit from the interstate and head down Original main street until you get to the park. Take a left and find a parking spot. There is a warming house, as well as Otte Concessions serving up cheese curds, home cut fries, and corn dogs! In addition, the Sauk Centre Lions will have grilled pork chops, hot beverages & beer tent!

Some additional details are HERE.

Where: Sinclair Lewis Park, Sauk Center

Online: Facebook Event Page

Catfish Fest on the Chain

When: Friday February 11th, 2022 3pm to 9pm and again on Saturday, February 12th, 2022 from 8am until 3pm

Where: Richmond MN

Fishing Tournaments are par for the course year round in Minnesota. But this year marks the first year that a Fund Raiser for the Richmond Fire department takes place. And they only fish that counts… is the Channel Catfish. Catch a giant northern? So what. Catch a perfect perch? Who cares. Catch a Channel Catfish of any size to win a prize. There are only five weigh ins available during this 24 hour period. So if you catch that giant catfish on the sixth try… Ope, you’re out of luck.

You should know, there are 50 prizes, top prize is $3000! Prize number 50 is $750 and in between you’ll find anything from gift cards to fishing gear. A complete list of prizes can be found on the tournament website.

This is a video of Catfish through the Ice that was produced on InFisherman on the Richmond Chain of Lakes. It gives you a feel for what’s possible.

So you are aware, fish house of all types and brands can be used, or you can fish on the ice! There will be bathrooms available by weigh in tent.

This is meant to be a fun way to raise some money for the Richmond Firefighter’s Association. They are a nonprofit organization that raises funds to benefit to Richmond Volunteer Firefighters.

Where: Cedar Island on The Richmond Horseshoe (also called Sauk River) Chain of Lakes

Online: for tickets and information

Some additional details can be found HERE.

I.C.E. Fest 2022 – World Record Attempt

Editor Choice

When: February 12th and February 13th

Where: Green Prairie Fish Lake, 12636 Forest Road in Little Falls.

So years ago some mad genius wacko figured out that if you cut a perfect circle in the ice with a chain saw, and then drilled a hole with a motor boat engine in it, you could make the perfect circle go round and round like a carousel. (See Video) I.C.E. Fest 2022 is this idea… on steroids. These folks are trying to create a Guinness World Record Ice Carousel here in the 320 in Mid February.

Lets put this into perspective. The current world record is held by the same people who are putting on this years event. The current world record circle of ice was 798 feet 10 inches. That’s like a 10 acre wedge of ice. This year, they want to make it even larger.

As if that wasn’t enough, once the carousel is built, they play games on it like Human Foosball, Curling, Dog Sledding, Hockey and Open Skate, Igloo Building, Spear Fishing, DJ Music, Powered Parachute Airplane Ride, and Spin It To Win It. There is a LOT going on!

This event is put on by a non profit organization that feeds kids called the Pay It Forward Foundation. Donations are being accepted the weekend of the event or you can donate online via, or mail a check, payable to Pay It Forward Foundation to 21296 Forest Road, Little Falls, MN 56345.

Online: Facebook Event Page

Some additional details HERE

This is a video from a few years ago and explains in more detail how they built the ice carousel and why.