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The Caffeine Tour: Sauk Rapids

When it’s time to find a great cup of coffee or tea, Sauk Rapids could easily become a favorite with lots of local variety. We had a chance to take the The Caffeine Tour of Sauk Rapids to try out a couple offerings. Here’s a quick guide to the caffeine landscape in Sauk Rapids.

The Copper Pony

Coffee and Tea are only part of the attraction at the Copper Pony. You’ll find a store that’s full of oddities and the unexpected. This includes a light lunch menu in addition to the coffee and tea favorites you might expect.

When it comes to the caffeine, the presentation is pretty straight forward. All your favorites are here in small, medium and large. They offer a small but nice selection of tea and there are other drink options, like juice, if you just need a break from the buzz.

While the feel is very corporate, you’ll find that the experience of going to the Copper Pony isn’t. Once you have your cup of coffee you can relax at a table, or wander a store that’s full of gifts, bobbles and gadgets. We’ve mentioned the Copper Pony previously in a 320FUN article on Camp Craft Cocktails.

You’ll enjoy the store as much as the coffee.

Where: Copper Pony at 208 N Benton Dr, Sauk Rapids, MN 56379

Online: www.copperpony.com

Phone: 320 774-3210

Rock Creek Coffee House

Sometimes you need more than a cup of coffee. You need a chance to sit, relax and escape from the world. Maybe have some lively conversation. If that’s where your head is at, a trip to Rock Creek Coffee House is in order. We suspect you’d have a difficult time feeling uncomfortable in this place if you tried. The help is friendly and the locals are plenty.

While many coffee shops offer the standard fare, Rock Creek takes the path less traveled. Oh don’t get us wrong, they still have the classics you’d expect, but there’s also a wide variety of coffee and tea options.

This includes a drink menu that varies from season to season. We visited when the Winter Menu was in place and there were all kinds of surprises like Gingerbread Latte, Bourbon Crunch Latte or the Salted Caramel Mocha.

There were also coffee-less drinks in case you’re meeting up with someone who doesn’t need the caffeine. Fun surprises like Jingle Spiced Chai, Peppermint Cheesecake Hot Chocolate or Gingerbread Hot Chocolate.

For those looking for the traditional coffee house feel, Rock Creek is your new go to.

Where: Rock Creek Coffeehouse at 214 2nd Ave N, Sauk Rapids, MN 56379

Online: www.rockcreekcoffeehouse.com

Phone: 320 281-5713

Caribou Coffee

Caribou is pretty ubiquitous across Minnesota so it’s no surprise to find one inside the Cobern’s Grocery Store in Sauk Rapids. This is a great option when you need some wake up juice while grocery shopping. Or if you just need a quick in, out and on your way experience. Its important to know that there is no drive up window. They do have extended hours however from 6am to 7pm daily.

Where: Caribou Coffee at 110 1st St S Sauk Rapids, Minnesota 56379

Online: https://locations.cariboucoffee.com

Phone: (320) 252-2141

There it is. The basic Caffeine Tour of Sauk Rapids. Next time we’ll take a look at Willmar and the local coffee culture in this hub city of the 320.