Easy Clip is an Easy Decision

Don’t you just hate it? You take your glasses off for a couple of minutes. You put them in your pocket or maybe set them on the counter. And then… the world conspires against you to smash them, bend them or make them completely unwearable. Some people would say, well be more careful! At 320FUN, we subscribe to a better idea. Make those glasses more durable!

Vision Source - Easy Clips is an Easy Decision

Like Easy Clip from Alex Vision Source in Alexandria. Easy Clip is an Easy Decision because the bows literally bend in every direction possible. Pull em off your face too fast with one hand so the bow bends upward? No problem, the bow snaps right back because they are on a hinge or maybe it’s more like a socket. Look, we don’t understand the tech, but we do understand the result. These glasses are going to last.

Vision Source - Easy Clips is an Easy Decision

While we only show one style in the pictures, know that there are dozens of options for almost any face. Easy Clip is the the technology and the brand, not necessarily the look.

NOTE: Do know that no pair of glasses is indestructible. If you work hard enough, we’re sure you could wreck these too. But at least these will withstand the day in and day out of life without having to be too careful.

Vision Source - Easy Clips is an Easy Decision

Oh, one last thing. Easy Clip has a sunglasses attachment. The sunglasses snap on the front of your new glasses. They are magnetized and really secure. Yet they’re easy to take on and off. It makes prescription sunglasses affordable, durable and easy. Yep, Easy Clip is an easy decision.

Where: Alex Vision Source at 2210 MN-29 #201, Alexandria, MN 56308


Phone: 320 219-6543