The Caffeine Tour: Hutchinson

So once a month or so, we take a caffeine tour of a community and figure out where there’s a great place to get a cup of coffee, tea or other caffeinated beverage. This month we take a look at Hutchinson.

The landscape for caffeine is pretty corporate in Hutchinson. While ownership may be local, we found that the franchise or corporate coffee shops ruled the area. To be clear, we typically don’t look into gas station or fast food coffee. You know what you’re getting there, so your own with that. We’re talking more about a place to get a caffeine experience. Here’s a quick look at Hutchinson.

Dunn Brothers Coffee

Dunn Brothers is the most comfortable of the three locations and feel most like a destination coffee shop. You know, the kind of place you meet a friend to chat for a while. Many of the Dunn Brothers Coffee Shops have local ownership so they have a local flavor and this particular store is no exception. The photos on the wall are a history lesson of Hutchinson MN.

Coffee beans are roasted in store. When you walk in the smell of fresh roasted coffee is right on point. In addition, this particular Dunn Brothers has a nice selection of Tea and a solid pastry case.

Where: Dunn Brothers Coffee at 114 Main St NE Suite 102, Hutchinson, MN 55350

Online: locations.dunnbrothers.com

Phone: 320 234-7012


Starbucks is found inside Target in the southern shopping area just off Hwy 15. It’s convenient to enjoy while you shop, but there are no real surprises on the menu as Starbuck Coffee Houses are designed to be consistent from store to store.

Where: Inside Target at 1370 MN-15, Hutchinson, MN 55350

Online: www.starbucks.com

Phone: 320 587-7113

Caribou Coffee

You have two choices for Caribou in Hutchinson. You can find a Caribou inside Cash Wise Foods. It never hurts to have a little caffeine as you pick up groceries you know.

Caffeine Tour Hutchinson - Caribou Coffee

The other has a more traditional feel. You can still sit down and enjoy some coffee, tea and conversation.

One nice add on for this Caribou is that it’s housed with an Einstein Bros Bagels, so you can enjoy some coffee with your favorite bagel or scone. Better yet, get a Cake Pop. It’s a round piece of cake, on a stick dipped in chocolate. Uh, yes please.

Where: Inside Cash Wise Foods OR at 1020 Highway 15 South Hutchinson, MN 55350

Online: locations.cariboucoffee.com/us/mn/hutchinson

Phone: (320) 587-7655

There it is! The Caffeine Tour of Hutchinson. Next month we’re on our way to Sauk Rapids for a cup of Joe that offers a little more of a home town touch.