The Perfect Pet Comfort Toy

All kinds of studies and evidence show pets are good for you. (One Study Found Here) That said, sometimes a pet just isn’t practical. Maybe you travel too much, or live in an apartment building that doesn’t allow it. We found an idea that offers some of the fun, none of the work, and allows the companionship and experience of having a pet without the negatives.

Perfect Petzzz are found at Shoppe 14 in Willmar. They might be best described as a Perfect Pet Comfort Toy. A small furry toy that lays perfectly in a pet bed or on your lap. The cats purr and the puppies have lifelike breathing. They have a look and feel of a real pet, but without having to replace a chewed up couch or clean up after any pet mistakes. So you know, they’re made from all synthetic fur.

While this might sound “less than gratifying” to a full on pet owner, it may be a real answer to those who don’t have the time, ability or facility to take care of a pet as they should. You have your choice of a variety of breeds. For dogs they including Husky, Border Collie, Cavalier King Charles, Pug or Chocolate Lab. For cats, there is the choice of Calico, or Black and White. Each of these pets behaves as a sleeping animal. They ‘breath’ as if they are sleeping comfortably. All come with a pet bed.

As a bonus, when you buy a perfect pet comfort toy, the makers of Perfect Petzzz donate a portion of the proceeds to local animal shelters.

Where: Shoppe 14, inside Uptown Willmar at 1605 1st St S, Willmar, MN 56201

Online: Facebook

Phone: (320) 262-3414