Art For The Grill

Have you ever tried to cook green beans or asparagus on the grill? If you can pull it off, it tastes amazing, but keeping those veggies from falling through the grate can be wildly frustrating. Once they fall through they’re gone into the black abyss forever. The Flameware Grill Basket from Clay Coyote really is a clever answer to the problem. It’s a basket that allows you to cook vegetables alone, or stirred with meat. The clay transfers heat to create a meal that turns out perfect. Oh, and don’t worry about durability, these baskets were made for grill!

These handmade clay baskets are one of a kind. Each one is individually thrown, painted and kiln dried right in Hutchinson Minnesota at the Clay Coyote Studio. They ship all over the nation and have a small showroom on location.

As an add on you might want to consider grill spice or cookbook in order to find some new ideas for the grill master at your house!

Where: Clay Coyote Gallery and Pottery, 22 First Ave NE, Hutchinson, MN 55350


Phone: (320) 587-2599