Cold Days, Cool Puzzle

So as 15 inches of snow piles up on the driveway and the weatherman continues to assure us that it should be over by mid June, perhaps it’s time to consider giving in. Enjoying a Cold Day and Cool Puzzle is better answer. And we found just the Puzzle to help you fill the day.

 Cool Vintage Puzzle National Parks

These Vintage Puzzles take you back to simpler time when there were no games on your phone. In fact, the phone was attached to a wall and wasn’t much fun at all.

We found these puzzles at Urban Escape in Spicer. There are a variety to choose from including, States, United State Maps, Birds and State Parks. They are a great throwback and offer enough of a challenge that you’ll fill the day. Even if it is cold.

After you finish your cool puzzle on a cold day, you can take a picture on your phone and go back to your modern life.

Where: Urban Escape at 130 Lake Ave North, Spicer, MN 56288


Phone: 320 444-7019