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Art and Baking Rolled into One

Every once in a while you see an item and think, “well that’s just cool.” These Rolling Pins are found at The Grande Depot in St Cloud. Made by a local St Cloud area artisan, this is the only place you’ll find them.

If you’re a baker, you should know that these pins are as useful as they are beautiful. These rolling pins are fully functional and made for cookies and breads. They’re hand washable and will likely create a conversation piece when you bake with your kids or grand kids.

If you’re not a baker, but like the look of hand crafted wood, Celtic Knots or Designer Rolling Pins, then these will look great hanging on your wall. There’s no wrong answer. And we’re not going to judge you if you display the rolling pins while filling your cookie containers with store bought goodies. Cheater. Ah, we meant efficient goodie-getter.

Either way, if you feel like you need a work of art in the kitchen, this just may be the pin. Rolling Pins from the Grande Depot.

Where: The Grande Depot at 8318 MN-23, St Cloud, MN 56301


Phone: 320 257-5500