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When You Just HAVE to Have a Dinosaur

It’s happened to all of us. You’re just sitting around the house and one of the kids or grand kids says “I want an Allosaurus.”

Ah, a what?

“An Allosaurus, it was from the Jurassic Period and… ” then you get schooled on virtually ever kind of dinosaur that ever existed. Every family has one. The Dinosaur expert. Most of them grow out of this but occasionally, one of these people grow up to become a paleontologist. So why not have some fun and just go with it.

That said, if you’ve just ‘GOT to get you some’ Dinosaurs, you need to head to Lucky Duck in New London. It’s an incredible game and entertainment store with two floors of fun. And this includes an entire isle of toy dinosaurs.

This is one those places where your dinky dino hunter will point and name each by it’s scientific name, then tell you what they ate, followed by who was capable of eating who.

Then top it off with a description of who their current day animal ancestors might be. You know, birds, turtles, crocodiles, that sort of thing.

Their eyes will glaze over at the sheer number of available toy dinosaurs all displayed in their plastic painted glory. In short, your non-pro paleontologist will have a field day here and ask to go home with a bevy of new found friends.

It will be totally worth it.

Where: Lucky Duck at 24 Main St N, New London, MN 56273


Phone: 320 347-1137